I haven’t looked at this page for a while and it needs a bit of an update so here we go:

I have stopped working totally now and look after my kids full time which I have to say is pretty damn cool, not only do I get to spend more time with them it turns out that I get to go out street shooting more than ever.

I got given a broken Rolleiflex 6 or 8 months ago (it seems like a lifetime ago) and after spending a bit of money on it it now works great and is the main camera I run round with. Im still doing a bit of assisting work but that has tailed off a bit and I not really actively looking for more.

Its weird how life changes perceptions of things… I would still consider myself a studio photographer but have been focused on Street Photography and haven’t turned on a studio light or speedlite for quite a few months.

  I have started a project around people sleeping on the street around central Wellington which I have added a project page to the blog and its starting to look like a bit of a cohesive series of images… It will be interesting to see where it goes..

Hopefully over the next few weeks I will add some more pages with some studio stuff and possibly a best of street one as well… For someone who doesn’t work I certainly seem to be kept busy. 🙂

This is where this About started:

I promise that something is on its way…Honest…It will be great when it gets here…I hope…. probably have some pictures and stuff…maybe a picture of my fridge door…its amusing… or at least it will be when I take it….

So Come back 🙂

Ok its been a while now since I put that up so its about time to tell you a bit about me.

When I grow up I want to be a photographer. There I said it!

Unfortunately being somewhere around 36 years of age the possibility of me ever growing up is probably not very likely.

This is an attempt to get some images off my hard drive and out into the ether of cyberspace to amuse, entertain, inspire, or something else entirely.

Light fascinates me and I enjoy experimenting with it in as many different ways as possible, 10 minute exposures in the middle of the day, Sweet! Speedlite set to full power to make day look more like night, Im In!

I have done some product photography work for small internet companies but unfortunately I currently dont have the capital to upgrade my equipment to a level that would make me viable to the larger and more lucrative markets.

Dont get me wrong Im not complaining I kinda like the freedom I get currently with finding my own projects.

I am currently a Stay Home Dad (hence the Fatherhood Friday posts) a couple of days a week and work weekends at a camera shop in Wellington, New Zealand to supplement my income (the stories I could tell you about some professional photographers). I also do work as a photographers assistant or lighting assistant and some work as a consultant showing people and government departments how to use their equipment.

If you see me out and about I will probably have a Nikon F5 with a 50mm f1.8 slung off one shoulder as this is my walk around camera (it is probably warping my spine a little more everyday) and it will have some sort of Black and White film currently loaded (somewhere between Pan F+ 50 to Delta 3200) which I develop myself at home in the bathroom.

I also shoot with a Nikon D70s and a Cambo 4×5 monorail camera (although not for a while now) and I have just reconditioned (with Bluetac) a Lubitel 2 6×6 camera.

Anyway I hope you find something worth looking at.


Dark Halide aka Simon

Crap almost forgot… Dark Halide… Halide being a light sensitive substance… A Dark halide is light sensitive substance exposed to light and then Developed to produce an Image

Work in Progress…