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Hi My Name Is Simon…

Posts have been a bit far apart of late and to be perfectly honest I have been out taking a whole heap of images, partly because its winter and cold outside.

I have just invested in a set of studio lights (Bowens Gemini 750s with batteries) and haven’t really had them out of there case since I got them 🙂 The double garage under the house is being roughly converted to a studio space and eventually I should start setting up some shoots there. I am however excited by the prospect of taking the lights out to some urbex locations to shoot some portraits but really need the weather to be a bit more settled.

I went out for the first time to shoot street yesterday and although I didn’t take any images I’m going to try and get out at least once a week.

Anyway hopefully this means a few more images to come onto the blog.

Here is  a shot from a couple of months ago from Fergus as I was just starting to get bits and peices set up…


StudioPhoto courtesy of Fergus Cunningham



GCSB Bill Protest Wellington

Well it looks like its been a while since I have posted anything…

I went to the GCSB Protest in Wellington last Saturday along with my trusty Rolleiflex 🙂 Only just started scanning the shots today and so far this one stands out…

In hindsight it is a bit weird that I went to a protest about being watched and listened in on… Street photographer and all 🙂

GCSB Bill ProtestRolleiflex 2.8 E, Ilford HP+ 400 ISO Film, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.