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Home of the Lost Soles

Taken with speedlight on full power in the middle of the day at Castle Point, New Zealand.

Went out as a day trip after looking at a map and thinking it would only take an hour and a half to get there from Wellington. 3 Hours later we arrive and only get to spend 30 minutes before we have to leave to get back to Wellington to pick up the family from work and creche.

Very cool place to take photos, must go back and camp sometime.

Sometimes it feels like my D70s has more dust than sensor.


More Mushroom Hunting

This time the mushroom hunting is literal.

Speedlight directly above the mushroom but quite close so there is alot of light fall off.

Shot on Nikon F5 with Velvia 50 film

The Fall of the Last Tree Standing

This is the fall of the last tree left standing on a lone hill next to a power pylon.

I shot this wide because the tree was on a massive lean towards said power pylon and the tree fellers truck (which he moved before the tree came down).

It ended up being a bit of an anticlimax due to the fact that they tied a steel cable to the digger and pulled it down before it was cut all the way through.

Original series was 17 images but have narrowed it down a bit. I also kooked the focus due to using slow film so have made it small and “Lomofied” it a bit. Yes I know im a hypicrite

Ukulele Festival

Ukulele Festival in Wellington 20th March 2010

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Stopped past to pick up the girls on my way home from work and snapped a couple of shots


Collaboration with Dining With Gunz

Amusing because both of us were thinking of doing this but neither of us wanted to ask the other.

Hopefully there will be more collaboratons in the future.

Death of a Tree

Sequence of a pine tree being felled.

Amusing things to note: Shot on Ilford Pan F+ 50 ISO film so had to shoot at f2.8 so not to get motion blur and had 9 month old Samantha in the backpack trying desparatley to grab the camera strap.

More tree related shots coming.

Fatherhood Friday 2

Just finished developing these last night (yay black and white film)

All I can say is “when the heck did you grow up so much?!

This picture really sums up Samantha in my opinion “its all about me!”  It is possible at 9 months that she has a diabolical plan to rule the world.

This is a picture of Emily posing, not quite sure what she’s being… I only put it in because one of this weeks big things was watching them cut down the trees that she is standing in front of…Those pics with action sequences of trees being felled coming soon 🙂

Surfer and the Storm

Shot after a big storm overnight… It still seems crazy that these guys wait for the big waves to go past and then jump onto the back of them from the rocks to get into the water… I guess it saves lots of time paddling.

Photography while Driving

Taking photos with your camera stuck to the inside of the windscreen produces some interesting results… Using remote of some sort is a must if you are by yourself… Still havent been pulled over by the police for this one yet.

A couple of macro shots (aka mushroom hunting)

Underside of a dead rose

Underside of a leaf

I have always enjoyed playing round with macro lenses (in this case extension tubes) and find that you usually dont get interesting images unless you spend a bit of time looking for different angles. Both these images were shot underneath so you dont get the cliche’d looking straight down on the rose (yawn) shot.



Typical New Zealand Photo

On the way back from a Castle mission had to stop for some cows crossing the road… Had camera, will take photos

This is for all the Non New Zealanders out there… Apparently there are more cows in NZ than people, not to mention a couple of sheep