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Snow Making Pano

Snow machines making snow at Coronet Peak just before the head fell off my tripod… Suck!

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Nikon D70s, 50mm f1.8 Lens, ISO 200


Knitting Gaffiti is Cool

Seen at my favourite graffiti alley off Leftbank in Wellington

Fatherhood Friday 14: Back From The Snowy Mountain.

Emily and I got back from the “Snowy Mountain” on Tuesday after having many adventures and narrowly missing being snowed in for a couple of days by only 6 hours.


She got to play with her two cousins Ben and Harry and go sledging, have snowball fights and generally romp round being a kid in snow.

Grandma and granddad were both impressed with her fearlessness in the snow considering she has never seen it before and she only got a bit scared when she got snow down her coat and didn’t like the cold.

She was very sad to leave and spent most of the two plane rides saying that she missed Grandma and granddad. To make things even more exciting our flight from Queenstown was late and they had to delay our flight from Christchurch in order for us to catch it.


Oh and I got to go skiing for a day! First time back on skis in something like 13 years… It was awesome… 10 years of race training hadn’t gone to waste although much fitness had…I was hard pressed to keep up with my Dad who skis 70 days a year, although I think I gave him a run for his money on our last run… Was a pity I didn’t get to ski with my brother, although things might have got a bit competitive (and he would have lost) 🙂

Snow Angels on hard packed snow don’t work very well… Especially if they are in the middle of a ski run.

Emily Skiing with Uncle Jeff


Had a good weekend with just Amanda having some 1 on 1 time and even slept in til 8am one morning while we were away (this is pretty much unheard of).

On Thursday she came down with something and after a couple of hours of not wanting to be put down we took her to the doctor where she immediately perked up and started playing with the toys in the waiting room. By the time we got to see the doctor she way pretty much fine and he couldn’t find anything wrong with her. So of course as soon as we got home (like 30 seconds after we got in the door) she threw up all over Amanda.

Today she seems back to herself but has passed it on to her sister (and possibly me).

I’m on a Log

Queenstown Stitch Panorama

It was a dark and gloomy day…

Looking out from a car park on Coronet Peak Ski Field onto the Wakatipu Basin with Queenstown in the gap in the right of the picture.

It pretty much was overcast whenever I went out to take pictures and about 6 hours after we flew out they had a snowfall that pretty much closed the whole of Queenstown down for a couple of days.

16 images stitched together

Nikon D70s, 18-70mm lens, ISO 200.

A Couple of Cats… But not Cute Ones.

Seen at Coronet Peak just out of Queenstown.

I was busy taking a panoramic sequence of the snow makers when three of these beasts came down the hill grooming the snow in formation. unfortunately their lights were so bright it was next to impossible to get them coming down but they stopped where I was and went in for a 30 minute coffee break… Nice!

Piston Bully 600 Snowcat

Piston Bully Winchcat

This one differs from the first due to the fact that it has a large winch on the back which gets attached to a post at the top of very steep runs so the snowcat can still go down and then wince itself back up. Also handy if one of the others gets stuck.

Gone Skiing… Back Tuesday

Emily and I have gone skiing at Coronet Peak in Queenstown for a few days but will be back, hopefully with some Images.

Have a good weekend


Fatherhood Friday 13: A Week of Random Occurances.

At last! The colds seem to be going away! Yay!

On the down side it seems to be getting quite a lot colder… yay winter… not.

Me and Emily are heading down south this weekend to go and see the grandparents who are currently living on Coronet Peak ski area. This will be Emily’s first real experience of snow and should prove to be a weekend of highs and hanging out with the whanau.

Amanda and Samantha get to stay at home and have some alone time.

Anyway on to the random occurences:

Being yelled at by a road work stop/go person (you know the ones who have the signs to make traffic stop or go) for not going even though their sign was on stop.

Being asked how old my “son” was even though she was dressed entirely in pink (and I mean pretty much all over pink).

A random log of wood rolling down a hill just as I was driving past and slamming into the side of the car (luckily it just hit the wheel so no damage done).

Customers at work trying to return Passport photos because they didn’t realise how easy it was to do themselves (because they were both “photographers”).

Sorry that kinda almost turned into a rant and kinda didn’t really have much to do with kids (except the pink one) but im done now… Honest.


Emily has been steadily getting better after antibiotics and is so excited about going on a plane and going skiing that she is having trouble focusing on anything for very long. At her crèche they played the kids a cartoon version of “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” which has led to a few nights of very unsettled sleep (admittedly they did send an email home saying that they were going to) and is it just me or does that seem a little too scary for 4 year olds?

Emily in the not yet completed “Bike Track” mud puddle.


Has worked out that I have been using a decoy book in order to stop her taking out my bookmark and has resumed hunting it down and me spending 5-10 minutes a day trying to find out where I am up to.

She is continuing to pick up words on almost a daily basis although her favourite still seems to be “hot hot hot”.

She is also showing a tenacity unparalleled in human existence which means that she will continually go back to something (TV, wall plugs, food on the floor, anything that is Emily’s) over and over and over again, even if you put her into a different room and tell her “No”.

Her favourite place at the moment seems to be under the table, mostly because its hard for me to get under. She sits there and laughs at me as I try to coax her out without me having to go under myself. It usually ends by her banging her head on a chair, crying and coming out in order to be cuddled.

Sam in her All-in-One ski suit…Oh and Amanda’s in there too.

Nikon F5, 50mm f1.8mm Lens, Ilford HP5 400 ISO film.

The Mushroom Hunt Continues….

Out hunting for mushrooms again…

Nikon D70s, 50mm f1.8, PK-12 Extension tube, 200 ISO.

Where Old Houses go to be Resold

Maybe 50 houses that have been moved off their original sites and put into a yard to be sold and moved to a new location.

Between Porirua and Lower Hutt.

The further back you got in the yard the worse the houses got. I was only there for a short time while doing some assisting work but will definitely have to go back when the light is better.

Nikon F5, 19-35mm Lens, Ilford HP5 400 ISO film

Graffiti and Flowers

Random flowers mixed in with empty spray can, beer bottle and downpipe.

Nikon F5, 50mm f1.8 Lens, Ilford HP5 400 ISO Film


Protest from a couple of weekends ago (only just developed film last night)

I like that some of the people are looking directly at me and that some are avoiding me altogether.

Nikon F5, 50mm f1.8 lens, Ilford HP5 400 ISO film.

Shooting Seals (But in a Good Way… With Cameras not Guns)

Fergus getting a shot of a seal at Red Rocks, Wellington

Yes the horizon is crooked 🙂

Nikon F5, 50mm f1.8 Lens.