Fatherhood Friday 9: Emily Counts to Hungry

Survived Emily’s birthday party last weekend with only minor injuries (mostly mental ones to me) and managed to get things back to normal in only a couple of days. Possibly scared some of the kids into believing there actually were pirates in our back garden but they felt better when they found the “pirates” gold coins that were made of chocolate, I’m sure their parents probably hate me now after sending their kids back overhyped on sugar.

Colds were the order of the week with Emily bringing one home and sharing it round everyone here (not really her fault but was amusing that one day only Emily had a cold and the next day we all had one).

Emily Quote of the week:  “96…97…98…99…. I’m Hungry”

Emily riding her running bike round the, still being constructed, bike track.

Samantha: Copious amounts of Snot. Has been literally getting into everything and I mean EVERYTHING! She has worked out how to open cupboards and drawers and is showing much interest in CDs and the things under the television. You can say “no” move her away and watch as she goes straight back to what she was doing.

Word of the week: “Hot” used continuously for almost half an hour after making a grab for a cup of tea that Amanda was drinking.

Samantha at Lollypops Playland on Emily’s birthday.

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