Fatherhood Friday 10: Sam Likes Steak

Once again colds featured a lot this week (welcome to winter) and there has been a fair bit of tired and grumpy behaviour all round.

Samantha: Still learning words at a rapid rate of fire. The current cold has made her lose her voice so when she tries to scream pretty much nothing comes out and she gets a very confused look on her face (which is amusing but also kinda a bit sad) so the house has been a bit quieter this week.

She is also attempting to stand on her own by putting herself up on things and then letting go to stand unassisted.

New phrase of the week: “uh oh”

Sam Likes Steak

Emily: Aside from having a cold, Emily has been pretty well-behaved this week. One of the highlights has been watching Emily and Samantha chasing each other round the house while laughing and squealing with delight. unfortunately the cold and rainy weather has ment we have had to stay inside and she is getting to the point where she needs a bit of a run around to burn off some energy but I don’t want to take her out because she still has a cold and something resembling a smokers cough.

Scary Emily

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