FatherHood Friday 19: More Conversations With Em

Yet another week draws to an end. We have had a pretty good week with everybody being well for a change (although Amanda seems to be coming down with a cold again)

Samantha is up and walking around now and seeming to be a lot less frustrated as she chases Emily and the cat Luc (next door neighbours cat who comes to hang out most days) around the house. Teething has also taken a bit of a break this week 🙂

Took the extra wheel of Emily’s running bike and took her to the bike track across the road (still not finished). After a few near crashes she got the hang of it pretty quickly and was racing round.

Conversation with Emily:

“Dad…we had a good day today riding my bike at the bike track and then at the beach didn’t we?”

“We sure did Em”

“Mum didn’t have as much fun as we did, did she?”

“Probably not”

“All she had was “Crap! Crap! Crap!” Cause she forgot her cellphone charger didn’t she”


Emily Monkey.

Sam on a Slide

Amanda helping me out with a lighting setup…


2 responses

  1. Amanda

    Grrrr! I like the Emily Monkey and Sam on a Slide photos though.

    13/08/2010 at 20:00

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