Canon Photo5 Competition Registration

Just sent off pre-registration for this years Canon EOS Photo5 competition (Click here for last years competition)

After you register they send you a small box with 5 photo briefs in it which you have to shoot. It was pretty fun and I especially enjoyed working out what I was going to shoot.

If you are in NZ or Aus registrations open on the 10th of Sept… Check it out and have a go 🙂

Last year the briefs were:

Hundreds and thousands for a Macro shot

Practically Black

Some paint powder for a “Splat” shot

A pair of cardboard glasses for a portrait

Bokeh masks to create Bokeh effects

Thought I would show last years entry (and yes I know I dont shoot canon but who cares…)

Hundreds and thousands


Practically Black

I ran out of time to do the other 2 briefs but managed to get some test shots done

Here go a couple of Bokeh test shots…

Nikon D70s, Various Lenses, ISO 200.


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