NEX Captures

Yesterday at work I got asked to go get some sample images to print out for the Sony NEX 5 with the 16mm Lens… Apart from being the worst time of day to go shooting on a day where it was bright and sunny here goes some of the shots that wont be used for sample images but better suit my style of street shooting 🙂 I did slightly pimp it out with a Polariser.

Oh and the camera handled better than I thought it would even if the 16mm was a bit wide for my liking for the street stuff.

Yeah there’s a bit of building/roadwork action going on in the centre city at the moment 🙂

Chillin worker styles

“Yep looks like a road”

With a 24mm equivalent it’s quite hard to get a close image 🙂

Sony NEX 5, 16mm Lens.


One response

  1. A giant leap in street photography,
    good job!


    10/11/2010 at 12:43

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