2010 The Year that was…

Happy New Year to all!

Here is a quick breakdown of my first year (or not quite a year) of Blog action…

First Post on 03/03/2010

295 Posts since then



Top Post for 2010 : Wellington Zombie Walk followed closely by the other 2 posts about the Wellington Zombie Walk

Top Google search: Pigeon Houses

Top Referer: Facebook

My Favourite post: Hmmm kinda a hard one possibly Street Chess or Negative Space Portrait and the Zombie Posts

Most used Camera: Early year Nikon F5, Later in the year Rolleiflex

New Tattoos: None…

New Piercings: One

Bones Broken: None

Money made from Photography: (Not counting Assisting or working at a camera shop) Less than $1000 NZ

New Years Resolution: Shoot more and put together an exhibition

Let me know what you’ve liked, what you want to see more of and what you think sucked…

All in all a pretty good year…. Lookingf forward to 2011.

Peace out! 🙂


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