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Burst Water Main Revisited

A couple of weeks ago I posted some digital shots of a burst water main in Manners mall (original post here).

I finally got round to processing the film from my Rollei along with some follow-up shots.

Apparently the City Council doesn’t have accurate plans of where the pipes in this area are and the water pipe does an unexpected U up towards the surface which is where the digger driver hit it.  He should have been safe to go about another 30cm deeper… No one was hurt and only One shop suffered enough damage that it is suing.

People in the top floor of the apartment pictured behind who had their windows open got a bit soaked.

You can see in this shot that the pipe goes up and over something… Apparently this isn’t in the plans.


Rolleiflex 2.8 E, Ilford FP4 125 ISO Film.

And in Breaking News… Burst Water Main in Manners Mall

Just as I was stepping out the door at work I heard a bang and… Chaos….Lucky I had my camera handy… There is a series on film as well

Would like to be the guy in the digger