Storm and Expired Pan F+

These are some shot taken on the same day as the other storm shots I posted.

These one were taken on my Nikon F5 with a Tokina 19-35mm lens and some Ilford Pan F+ 50 ISO film which expired in 2006 and a red filter.

There was some seriously funky things happening with the film including mold on a couple of shots so most of these under went a fair bit of Photoshop retouching.

I really like how old they feel… I still have about 10 metres left on a bulk roll so might have to try this again next storm 🙂

While I was out shooting I had a woman come up to me aghast that I was taking photos in the middle of a full on storm to which I replied “but its a great day for photography” I think the images speak for themselves… I really need to look into getting a Nikonus 5 underwater camera for this sort of stuff though…

Nikon F5, Tokina 19-35mm Lens, Pan F+ 50 ISO Film (Expired 2006), Cokin Red Filter, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.


4 responses

  1. awarewriter

    Marvelous images. Good thing pro grade Nikons aren’t afraid to get a bit wet. I’d worry more about the salt. But you had a red filter to protect your glass. I do enjoy using contrast filters with B&W film. I use yellow and orange most of the time but I have a red filter that I’ve used on occasion. Your use of the red filter makes the dramatic storm images even more dramatic.

    02/08/2011 at 09:23

    • Cheers 🙂 I predominantly wanted to get a longer exposure and was hoping that it wouldn’t blow out the highlights and it seemed to work. I love being able to do things at the time rather than having to post produce them. The F5 is certainly a tank… Gotta love it 🙂

      03/08/2011 at 11:49

  2. coyotenz

    Hi Si,

    Love the second to last one (Storm 5).

    Would be great if you had a 16:9 1920×1080 for a desktop wallpaper.


    02/08/2011 at 14:35

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