Blog Neglect And Book Project

OK I don’t know about neglect but I don’t seem to be quite as regular as the last year and a half or so…

I have, however, been concentrating on producing a small self published book using Blurb Books… With the American dollar being so low against the New Zealand dollar (something like $1 NZ equals 87c US) it means that a & inch x 7 inch softcover book with up to 40 pages is only something like $20 NZ and that’s with a paper upgrade.

This is going to be a bit of a test to see how it looks and I will probably get a softcover and a hardcover to see what they are like…

The images below are a couple of pages… They are all double page spreads and the red dotted lines are where they will be cut so that there will be no grey border and the right hand image will bleed right to the edge…

I still don’t have a title… I kind of wanted something that incorporated the word “Halide” (not necessarily Dark Halide) but could also mention  all the image being taken in Wellington and on a Rolleiflex  and should also contain something about Street Photography… Arrrrrrrggggg….. That makes my head hurt just thinking about it…

Any Suggestions?


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