Man With Dog

After nearly a solid week of rain this shot from a couple of weeks ago made me smile.

Rolleiflex 2.8 E, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.


2 responses

  1. rinosnaps

    Funny you mentioned the rain. At first sight, I thought it was raining.
    And dogs seem to smell photographers. They always seem to spot us. Maybe that’s what atracted Elliot Erwitt to them 🙂

    22/03/2012 at 13:03

    • I went to a talk with Elliot Erwitt about 5 years ago, He was awesome… Apparently one of his tricks was to walk past and then bark at the dogs and take the surprised look he got… If you look at some of his images you can really see this 🙂

      23/03/2012 at 07:28

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