Printing Goodness

So the other day I went and did some printing in a community darkroom… After a few problems I finally managed to get into the swing of things and get some prints done.

The bigger prints are on 16×20 glossy heavyweight paper and the smaller ones are on 8×10 glossy heavyweight paper. Overall I was pretty happy with the results especially since this was the first time I had darkroom printed any of my Rolleiflex negatives… They were super nice 🙂

This shot does these prints no justice at all 🙂

Nikon D90, Tokina 19-35mm Lens, ISO 400.


2 responses

  1. Z

    I’m really hoping to do some personal printing here in the next six months.. All though your pics can’t do them justice, I bet those look great in person, very envious!

    24/04/2012 at 22:21

    • Cheers 🙂 Computers don’t really do images justice. Print those suckers 🙂

      25/04/2012 at 11:14

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