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More Driving

More driving Pics from last Friday with various cameras superclamped to the front grab handle of a Land Rover Discovery

Nikon D70s with 18-70mm lens an ND8 filter and an ND6 graduated filter.

The ND8 was to get a longer shutter speed since it was in the middle of the day and the ND6 Grad was so the sky didnt burn out

With the first 2 images I liked the way that the car infront is still kinda sharp but you get the feeling of movement from the sides being blurry.

Tripod set up in the backseat with the front 2 legs in the passenger footwells and the back leg flat and jammed into the space between the backrest and the seat.

Nikon F5 with 19-35mm lens, Ilford Pan F+ 50 ISO film, ND8 filter and an ND6 graduated filter.

Saw an awsome article at work today from Phase One that was basically showing how they did a whole lot of car images and it gave me an idea for a shoot along the same sort of lines.

Hopefully I can convince some people to help me to hang out the back of 1 vehicle while taking images of another vehicle… Will have to wait and see what happens.