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Couple More 360 Degree Panoramic Images

Alas the Nodal Ninja has gone back to its owner but here go another couple of pics.

Nikon D70s, 18-70mm Lens, ISO 200. Nodal Ninja and Tripod. 22 Images stitched in Photoshop

Nodal Ninja 360 Degree Panoramic Images

Wow! That title is a bit of a mouthful.

This week I have had the fun experience of borrowing a Nodal Ninja (or as Amanda calls it a “Noodle Ninja”)

For those of you who don’t know what this is… It’s basically a device that enables you to pivot around the absolute centre of your lens when you are taking images to stitch together.

unfortunately WordPress doesn’t display these too well since they are really wide, but you get the idea…

All the below images are made up of 22 images stitched together with Photoshop.

Nikon D70s, 18-70mm Lens, Nodal Ninja, Induro Tripod.

Oriental Parade Panos

Another older image. This one is onto of the fisherman’s Table on Oriental Parade Wellington.

Couple of amusing things about this image:

The front of the roof is actually round and when it was put into Photoshop it straightened it up.

This is back before I took panos in the vertical mode.

Must go back and shoot this again some time.

Not sure what treatment I like best and slightly annoyed with the burnt out sky but all the more reason to go re-shoot.

Nikon D70s, 50mm f1.8 Lens, ISO 200, Made up of 9 images stitched.

Queenstown Stitch Panorama

It was a dark and gloomy day…

Looking out from a car park on Coronet Peak Ski Field onto the Wakatipu Basin with Queenstown in the gap in the right of the picture.

It pretty much was overcast whenever I went out to take pictures and about 6 hours after we flew out they had a snowfall that pretty much closed the whole of Queenstown down for a couple of days.

16 images stitched together

Nikon D70s, 18-70mm lens, ISO 200.