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Shooting Seals (But in a Good Way… With Cameras not Guns)

Fergus getting a shot of a seal at Red Rocks, Wellington

Yes the horizon is crooked 🙂

Nikon F5, 50mm f1.8 Lens.


Is it the end of the world?

Nikon F5, 19-35mm Lens at 19mm f8 at 20 minutes


This is from last weeks 4WD mission out past Redrocks.

I am assuming that this around about the SS Penguin sank in 1909

I like the fact that its a bit crooked. Not sure if it was built like this on purpose to break the waves that come from predominately one direction or if the person who put it there was permanently drunk.

Nikon F5 with 80-200 f2.8 set to f22, ND8 and ND6 Graduated filters, 2 second exposure

Red Rocks Hilux Rescue

Apparently its best not get stuck too close to the water when the tide is coming in and there is no way to get another vehicle close enough to pull you out.

I figured that there were enough people pushing so I could stand back and take photos

Best quote of the day from the boy on the left of the frame as the Hilux drove away up the beech “Hey wait for me, Im just a kid”

Seals at Redrocks

Being one of the few days of the year when shops are actually closed the boys from the shop went on a 4WD mission round Redrocks… We must have had at least 9 cameras between 4 people and the boot of the Landrover was almost filled with camera equipment.

All of the female seals have migrated for the winter so only the singe males are left and with no female around the seals are reasonably placid as long as you dont get too close or get between them and the water.

All images with Nikon D70s 80-200mm f2.8 lens

Seal just about to eat Fergus

Iz be cute

What you lookn at?