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Kaikoura Sunset

Sunset taken while passing through Kaikoura…

Nikon F5, Tokina 19-35mm Lens, Fuji Velvia 50 ISO.


Red Rocks Hilux Rescue

Apparently its best not get stuck too close to the water when the tide is coming in and there is no way to get another vehicle close enough to pull you out.

I figured that there were enough people pushing so I could stand back and take photos

Best quote of the day from the boy on the left of the frame as the Hilux drove away up the beech “Hey wait for me, Im just a kid”

Surfer and the Storm

Shot after a big storm overnight… It still seems crazy that these guys wait for the big waves to go past and then jump onto the back of them from the rocks to get into the water… I guess it saves lots of time paddling.

Same shot but two different ways

Nikon F5 with 50mm f1.8 lens

Ilford Pan F 50 Film

ND8 filter and ND4 Grad

f22 at 2 seconds

Nikon F5 with 50mm f1.8

Ilford Pan F 50 film

f2.8 at 1/5000 second

Last week I was testing out an expired bulk roll of film for the first time and feeling quite sleep deprived couldnt face taking it into my usual urban jungle setting so went to the beach instead. It was reasonably overcast but I was impressed how the film handled and the tonal range that I got out of it. Considering that it expired in 2007 it still seems to be working well.

I like how even though the 2 photos have almost the exact same composition the feeling that they create is vastly different