Holga Pano Test Roll

A couple of weeks ago Fergus found the front half of a Holga while we were doing a bit of urban exploring, He gave it to me and I decided to custom it using a 35mm adaptor. The adaptor I bought was only for single frame 35mm so I cut it out so that it would be panoramic all the way to the edge of the film.

This is the first roll I put through it which was 7 years expired… I still need to make a custom scanning mask so the film doesn’t curl up at the ends…

Holga 120 with Custom cut out 135mm adaptor, Fuji Velvia 100F Film (expired 2005) Cross Processed, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.


4 responses

  1. These are really cool. How did you figure out the frames? B&W next?

    11/09/2012 at 19:56

    • Cheers 🙂 Just guessed that they were around twice as long as usual so shot one every 2 frames… Black and White neg already loaded, Ilford Delta 100 expired 2006 🙂

      12/09/2012 at 08:02

  2. Love that fourth one. I have so much expired 35mm at home and no camera. Its been sitting beside a heater :/ Might have to jam it in my Holga and see if I can get some results like this!

    11/09/2012 at 22:38

    • Cheers 🙂 Sounds like a plan 🙂 I will post how I did it once I have finished off the film thats still in there, hopefully with some more results from shooting B/W neg this time 🙂

      12/09/2012 at 08:06

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