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The Great Sunday Bake Off Fundraiser

The Great Sunday Bake Off was an event to take some home baking to the people of earthquake stricken Christchurch. The idea was that lots of people bake and then drop what they have baked off which would then be loaded on a bus and transported and distributed in Christchurch.

The response they got from Wellington was great and they ended up having too much to fit it all in the bus… The leftover was sold as a bake sale and the money, matched by BP, was donated to the Red Cross… They ended up donating around $16000 as well as all the baking that went to Christchurch.

A good effort all round!

Here are some pics from one of the drop off points at Civic square after I had dropped off some ANZAC biscuits that Amanda and the girls had made in the weekend.

Nikon F5, 50mm f1.8, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.


Fundraising and Zombies

Took the day off work yesterday to do a fundraising photo shoot for my local Playcentre (its kinda a parent run pre school centre)

This was the flyer we did a pre-shoot for a couple of weeks back that was designed by one of the other dads.

Since my lights weren’t really up to the task of running all day we had to borrow some from local photographer Adrian Heke who lent us a set of Hensel 1000Ws… Cheers Adrian!

So basically we shot family portraits from 9am til about 4pm (we did have a bit of a break in the middle)…. So needless to say it was a pretty long day, not to mention the just under 2000 images I still have to edit and post produce 🙂

And then if I wasnt tired enough already I went and hung out with a whole bunch of  Zombies on a Zombie walk for a couple of hours… the press guys who I am starting to get to know a bit better still find it amusing that I am shooting film and lets just say the Rollei isn’t built for speed but put my first roll of 3200 ISO film through it so will see how it comes out.

I think I currently have a backlog of 5 x 120 films and 1 x 35mm film to develop so hopefully I will get a chance to do them soon.