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Abandoned Desk

Another shot from my Olympus XA3.

Sometimes black and white just doesn’t capture what you want it to…

Olympus XA3, Fuji Superia 400 ISO Film (expired)

Lit up Flowers

Flowers in my back yard lit with 2 speedlites… One from directly below at full power (Nikon SB16) and one in from the left at 1/4 power (Nikon SB80DX)

Nikon D70s, 18-70mm @70mm, f22 at 2.5 seconds

Lomography and a short Rant

Taken on a Lubitel 2 (borrowed) 5 minute exposure on Velvia film

One of the things I find increasingly funny in the photography world today is the large proliferation of people who have expensive DSLR’s who spend large amounts of time in Photoshop making their images look like it was shot on a cheap Lomo type of film camera with a plastic lens. You know who you are!