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Fatherhood Friday 33: Testing Olympus XA3

So I bought a new camera off TradeMe (NZ’s equivalent of Ebay) last week and it turned up on Monday. It is an Olympus XA3, which is a 35mm fixed 30mm lens and fully automatic but really small and super sharp, that was bought out around 1985.  It was described as non-working so it only cost $30NZ and the research  did before I bought it seemed to suggest that it was probably a contact problem which would be easy to fix.

It arrived in the middle of the Snow storm on Monday and I was surprised when I put new batteries in it worked fine 🙂

This is the kind of small camera that means you can really always have a camera on you and still shoot film… Sometimes the Rollei is just a bit big to always carry around when you also have a 2-year-old with you.

These are some shots, mostly of kids due to the fact we were pretty much housebound due to the Snow and copious amounts of rain we have had all week, from the first roll I put through it.

They are quite contrasty mostly since I was using 400 ISO Film pushed to 1600 and then developed at 1/9 dilution rather than the 1/19 dilution I would usually use (I was in a bit of a rush to Develop).

All in all I quite like them. I currently have a roll of 800 ISO colour negative film loaded but unless it is really cool I think I will go back to 400 pushed to 1600.


Olympus XA3 Camera, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film pushed to 1600 and developed with Ilford LC29 at 1/9 Dilution, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.

Snow Flurries


It’s unusual for it to snow enough for it to settle in Wellington but we had a couple of storms pass through and there is still snow on the ground this morning.

Yes I took some on the Rollei and Half Frame but you have to wait for them 🙂

Nikon D70s, 18-70mm Lens, Sb80DX Speedlite.

Fatherhood Friday 14: Back From The Snowy Mountain.

Emily and I got back from the “Snowy Mountain” on Tuesday after having many adventures and narrowly missing being snowed in for a couple of days by only 6 hours.


She got to play with her two cousins Ben and Harry and go sledging, have snowball fights and generally romp round being a kid in snow.

Grandma and granddad were both impressed with her fearlessness in the snow considering she has never seen it before and she only got a bit scared when she got snow down her coat and didn’t like the cold.

She was very sad to leave and spent most of the two plane rides saying that she missed Grandma and granddad. To make things even more exciting our flight from Queenstown was late and they had to delay our flight from Christchurch in order for us to catch it.


Oh and I got to go skiing for a day! First time back on skis in something like 13 years… It was awesome… 10 years of race training hadn’t gone to waste although much fitness had…I was hard pressed to keep up with my Dad who skis 70 days a year, although I think I gave him a run for his money on our last run… Was a pity I didn’t get to ski with my brother, although things might have got a bit competitive (and he would have lost) 🙂

Snow Angels on hard packed snow don’t work very well… Especially if they are in the middle of a ski run.

Emily Skiing with Uncle Jeff


Had a good weekend with just Amanda having some 1 on 1 time and even slept in til 8am one morning while we were away (this is pretty much unheard of).

On Thursday she came down with something and after a couple of hours of not wanting to be put down we took her to the doctor where she immediately perked up and started playing with the toys in the waiting room. By the time we got to see the doctor she way pretty much fine and he couldn’t find anything wrong with her. So of course as soon as we got home (like 30 seconds after we got in the door) she threw up all over Amanda.

Today she seems back to herself but has passed it on to her sister (and possibly me).

I’m on a Log

A Couple of Cats… But not Cute Ones.

Seen at Coronet Peak just out of Queenstown.

I was busy taking a panoramic sequence of the snow makers when three of these beasts came down the hill grooming the snow in formation. unfortunately their lights were so bright it was next to impossible to get them coming down but they stopped where I was and went in for a 30 minute coffee break… Nice!

Piston Bully 600 Snowcat

Piston Bully Winchcat

This one differs from the first due to the fact that it has a large winch on the back which gets attached to a post at the top of very steep runs so the snowcat can still go down and then wince itself back up. Also handy if one of the others gets stuck.