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Time Lapse From Photo Shoot With Bev Short

Here goes the Time Lapse I took a couple of weeks ago with Bev Short.

One shot was taken every 15 seconds over the duration of the two day shoot.

This is my first effort with video and its a bit rough but you have to start somewhere 🙂

Music by Ben Capp

Adventures In Assisting: Out Of The Box

Another shoot with Bev Short for her NZ Tattoo project. This one was using the storeroom in the New Zealand Portrait Gallery here in Wellington as a set and we got to have it for a couple of days so things wouldn’t be too hectic especially since we were basically building a set for the shoot.

The main element of the set was the packing crate which I ended up making (and then destroying). The day I took the finished crate (unbroken) to Bevs we found out that breaking it was going to be a bit problematic. No matter how hard I stomped on the thing it just wouldn’t break, next came the hammer (that was possibly the smallest hammer I have ever seen) and after about 15 minutes it was starting to look a bit more demolished, although I managed to pull a muscle in my shoulder doing it (must be getting old).

Since this shoot was going to be inside over two days I thought it would be fun to set up my D90 as a time lapse camera to show what goes on (the video is done and just getting a custom music track from my friend Ben Capp) and should be up later this week 🙂 Its the entire photoshoot from empty storeroom to empty storeroom in 3 minutes.

The first day was building the set and initial lighting set-up which went pretty smoothly complete with fake dust and occasional issues with light bulbs.

Day two and Gillian Parkinson  (model) and Matt Middleton (make-up) turned up which gave me some time to take some shots of everything.


See finished image HERE

Box before destruction

Box after attempted destruction

Box in position on the set.

Bev posing for the time lapse camera

The time lapse camera up above the shoot and looking out to the gallery.

Custom dust placement.

Catering Trolley

Make-up under scrutiny.

Wood particle placement.

Eye lashes Matt made from peacock feathers.

Costume alterations.

More costume alterations.

Hair alterations.



Stand in.

Final Set-up.

Square Shots: Rolleiflex 2.8 E, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.

35mm Shots: Nikon F5, 50mm f1.8 and 35mm f2 Lenses, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film Pushed to 1600 ISO, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.

Adventures In Assisting: Wind, Birds and Duct Tape

Another shoot with Bev Short, who currently has her “All Woman”  exhibition at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery, if you are in Wellington you should go and see it, some of the shoots are on this blog. This one was for her new Tattoo project.

This is one of those shoots that should be pretty straight forward but end up being anything but…

Driving up to the location the weather started to look ominous and as soon as I pulled in it started to rain. I was there first so started scouting around for an indoor location just in case the rain didn’t stop but luckily by the time everyone else got there it had stopped enough to go on with the original location.

Bev and Matt Middleton (SFX make-up) had spent an afternoon constructing a set of angel wings that were going to be put on the model, Andre, using duct tape (see images 3 and 4). The initial setup went well apart from the strong wind that started blowing, luckily Andre’s cousin came along with him and ended up holding the 5 foot softbox from blowing away for a couple of hours.

With wings held on with a roll of duct tape Andre came out and stood on his mark only to have the wings pretty much destroyed by the wind which led to about an hour and another couple of rolls of tape being used to hold them in place.

Once this was sorted out the next element was a dove (we only got 3) which was to be captured just as it was taking off from Andres outstretched hands… The cool thing about the doves was that once they were released they were homing and just went back to their roost… Unfortunately they were a bit camera shy and didn’t take direction too well and 1 especially liked turning its head round nearly 360 degrees which was a bit unnerving.

So after all the doves had been released we were pretty much done… Hopefully with not too much damage to Andres back taking off the wings 🙂

You can see the final image on Bevs blog HERE

Rolleiflex 2.8 E, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film, Nikon D90, 24 f2.8 Lens.

Adventures In Assisting: All Woman Gallery Opening

Last Thursday was the opening of Bev Short’s “All Woman” exhibition at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery here in Wellington. I do a bit of assisting for Bev and had helped with a fair few of the images in the exhibition.

It was pretty damn cool to see them big and framed as a series.

Well done Bev!

Of course I took my Rolleiflex and with some 400 ISO film pushed to 3200 took several rolls during the night. Gallery lighting is not your friend when it comes to photography 🙂

Rolleiflex 2.8 E, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film pushed to 3200 ISO , CanoScan 9000F Scanner.

Adventures In Assisting

A couple of weeks ago (it always seems to take a couple of weeks) I did another assisting job with Bev Short for her new project. I didn’t get too much of a chance to take photos on this one as we were a bit rushed due to the fact that even though it is the middle of summer it was stupid cold and then one of the lights wouldn’t communicate so I ended up hand holding a speedlite as a rim light.

Matt Middleton the SFX makeup artist did a great job of turning a mask into a head, dubbed “Bob”,as well as doing all of Steve Francis  makeup

The most amusing part was when we were just about to leave, a car pulled up and three guys got out and were a bit shocked by Steves appearance since he was still fully made up and asked him if he was alright… Wish I had got some shots of that 🙂

All in all another fun shoot and I think the final image turned out pretty damn good 🙂

Final image on Bevs blog HERE

Nikon D90, 50mm f1.8

Assisting At The Fever Hospital

The other week I did some assisting work for Bev Short at the now infamous Fever Hospital.

As well as my usual assisting duties Bev asked if I could take some shots of her working for some future publicity. Bev usually lets me take a few shots when she is working on her own projects and I have put up some behind the scene shot previously but this meant I took quite a lot more than I usually would.

Anyway here’s what it looks like behind the scenes at one of her shoots…and yes that is a custom made snoot on the second setup 🙂 We are after all living in a number 8 wire and duct tape country…

Go see some of the finished shots HERE

My favorite shot of Bev is definitely the last one 🙂

Colour: Nikon F5, 50mm f1.8 and 35mm f2, Fuji 400H Film, Noritsu Scanner.

Black And White: Rolleiflex 2.8 E, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.

Auckland Assisting For The Day…

A few weeks ago one of the photographers who I do some assisting for flew me up to Auckland for the day to do a studio shoot… Bev Short is pretty cool to work with and when we are shooting for her personal “AllWoman”book project (which is epic!) and not a commercial client she lets me shoot around the set after all the lights etc have been set up and things are in full swing so I thought I would do a bit of a documentary of how the day was… Enjoy.

Sunday 13th of February 2011 6am: Woken up by 20 month old Samantha who also doubles as an alarm for this time of the morning pretty much every day. Get up and retrieve said small person from their cot and wander into the kitchen to make coffee and rice bubbles for Sam (to clarify the rice bubbles are for Sam, the coffee is for me). Go wake up Amanda to take over breakfast duty and head to the shower still mostly asleep and without coffee which is still waiting to boil. Get out of shower and retrieve coffee which has been made for me by my lovely wife (she made me say that or she would hurt me… just kidding…) Assess the weather outside and decide to opt for jeans (boy that was a big mistake). Manage to have 1 piece of toast (mistake no.2) before grabbing prepacked bag and head out the door at about 7am, (wow that hour went really fast) with lots of goodbyes from wife and kids.

Bev and her husband are waiting and we head to the airport… So basically we are heading to Auckland to photograph Julia Deans, ex front person for the band Fur Patrol and now pursuing a solo carer for Bev’s book project on New Zealand Women.

Random person waiting for plane

We get to the airport without any problems and check in (I’m traveling with only my camera backpack since I’m coming back the same day) and head off to get some more coffee before the flight. At this time magically my Rolleiflex appears in my hands and I start taking some images 🙂

Again without any problems we proceed through security (I sometimes have problems with piercings setting off metal detectors) and board our nice swanky new Airbus A320 which has been totally painted black in preparation for the Rugby World Cup later in the year (according to the in-flight magazine this is the first time this has ever been done to a commercial plane). We settle back and discuss how we are going to light Julia for today’s shoot etc…

More Coffee

Air hostess brings coffee and weird chips that aren’t really chips but still taste good. Its only about an hour flight (New Zealand is pretty small) so after that we are pretty much there.

Yes some of our domestic flights make you walk on the runway to get to the terminal

Again without any problems we get off the plane, go collect Bev’s bag and get on a shuttle with instructions to take us to Kingsize Studios where the shoot is going to take place.

At this point I should mention that it’s about 28 degrees C with about a million humidity and I’m regretting the choice to wear jeans and its only 10 am.


The shuttle drops us off in the middle of suburbia where the studio is and we head inside. We get directed to the upstairs studio where all the equipment is waiting for us in its pelican cases. At this point I’m a bit concerned because the studio is a bit smaller than I was expecting and the Broncolor Grafit A4 lights are a pack light rather than the Mono lights I am used to… Time to take a deep breath and deal… We had at least an hour before any of the models were due to turn up so it was a case of setting things up and going from there. As it turned out the pack lights were really good to use even if sometimes they wouldn’t let me turn on the modeling light.

I crank up the two industrial strength air conditioning units and we get to setting up.

We set up about 3 different set ups before we got the one we thought would work the best, (we had gotten a 5 to 7 foot softbox because we thought we would have had the space to use it but it ended up being used for a background light because we didn’t have enough standard reflectors) Bev must have a million shots of me doing my stand in thing that all assistants love 🙂 .

The two male models turn up around 12 and are amused by the boxer shorts that they will be wearing for the shoot, Julia texts to let us know she is running late and will be there about 1pm. It’s also about now that Bev and I realize that we had breakfast around 6am and aside from 2-3 cups of coffee haven’t had anything since and have no idea where to get something close by as we are in the afore mentioned suburbia. Bev finds she has a couple of muesli bars so we figure we should be OK.

Julia turns up about 1pm with a stylist (weren’t expecting that) and after a round of introductions (I’m really bad at remembering names and usually write them down but didn’t have a pad at the time hence no names are used in this post) we start to get organised.

Shiny Guitar = Lots of Reflections

After wardrobe changes (both the guys had no problem with wearing only boxer shorts) we put everyone in place and did a bit of tweaking of the lights to get rid of shadows and reflections and it was all go.

I have to say that the stylist cracked me up, he had some great ways of getting Julia to laugh or describe how to look at the camera… The only one I can remember was “Straight down the barrel fuck me eyes” I really needed to write the rest of them down cause they were pure gold!


Julia is coming to terms with the surreal nature of the shoot and the main hold back was that the two guys who are having problems holding the pose and needed constant rests and readjustments (modeling is hard work, just ask them).

Unfortunately the lighting was pretty dark so focusing with the Rolleiflex was a bit hit and miss but you get the general idea from these images.

At this point my immediate work was done so I managed to take these shots in between the occasional light readjusts and leaking air conditioner repairs.

Model Readjust

Models Chimping aka looking at screen

At about 3pm the two male models go home and we spend some time with just Julia doing stuff she could use for promo stuff til around 4pm. Really hungry by now having since eaten muesli bar a couple of hours ago. Start packing the studio stuff away into its respective pelican cases and try to close up only to be confronted by one large tabby cat who struts into the studio as if he (I’m assuming He, for the record I didn’t check) owns it and has to be carried downstairs so we don’t lock him in by accident (He kinda didn’t really like that too much either).

Luckily someone is in one of the downstairs studios so we ask which way we have to go to get somewhere that has food and head off to the mentioned Pub to finally get something to eat, the time is now around 4:30pm and the temperature is still in the high 20’s with the humidity now somewhere around a billion percent (really really regretting that 6:30am Decision now).

We both sit down and get a shared tapas platter and beer and talk about how the shoot went…

Bev calls the shuttle company we came in on to come and pick me up for my 6:30 flight back to Wellington only to find out that they can’t get me to the airport on time (Taxi from Auckland to the Airport is super expensive) Shit! After asking the bar staff what would be the best way to proceed I end up having to catch a taxi into the center of the city and then catch an Airport bus out to the airport (going to be cutting it really fine). We say goodbye since Bev is staying in Auckland for the week to do another couple of shoots for the book and I jump into a cab and head into town.

It was a pretty uneventful ride in and the driver didn’t try to rip me off which was nice since I really had no idea where we were or where we were going… He drops me on the main shopping street of Auckland, Queen Street and told me that all the buses go up and down this street so I should be able to get one. Okay so now I’m on Queen Street not really knowing which way the bus I should catch would be going so have to do a bit of searching before I find a stop where the bus will be heading to the airport. The nice LED sign says that the next bus will be in 5 minutes… Sweet! Rolleiflex comes out for a quick shot or two. Ten minutes later and still no bus (now listed as overdue) then the counter goes back to due to arrive in 5 minutes. WTF!

Queen Street Bus Stop.

By now its about 5:30 and I am supposed to be at the Airport 30 minutes before the flight leaves which is only leaving about 30 minutes to get there, again I’m not really sure how long the bus takes to get there. The bus finally arrives and the driver has a chat about my Rolleiflex as I get on and off we go.

The bus takes about 30 minutes to get there but my flight had been delayed til 7 so I got there with plenty of time to spare.

Sleepers… They’re Everywhere


This extra time gave me a chance to call home and say goodnight to my kids since they would go to bed while I was still on the plane and of course take some more images of sleeping people etc…

The flight finally calls and I go through security (I think Auckland has their metal detectors turned Waaaay up) and end up getting the biggest pat down by a security guard that takes like 5 minutes (I thought we were in a relationship by the end of it) but finally get to board the plane which is held up for another 10 minutes!


I finally get to sit down and wait for the odd chips that aren’t chips that I have been strangely craving since the first ones earlier in the day, plug in my iPod and chill…And take a couple of shots with the Rollei. Luckily my friend who has agreed to pick me up at the airport hasn’t left in disgust due to my late arrival and I get home around 9pm… Sleep now… Long day but a good day.

All Images Rolleiflex 2.8 E, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.