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Yup its a chair 🙂

From the last trip to the Fever Hospital

Rolleiflex 2.8 E, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.


Assisting At The Fever Hospital

The other week I did some assisting work for Bev Short at the now infamous Fever Hospital.

As well as my usual assisting duties Bev asked if I could take some shots of her working for some future publicity. Bev usually lets me take a few shots when she is working on her own projects and I have put up some behind the scene shot previously but this meant I took quite a lot more than I usually would.

Anyway here’s what it looks like behind the scenes at one of her shoots…and yes that is a custom made snoot on the second setup 🙂 We are after all living in a number 8 wire and duct tape country…

Go see some of the finished shots HERE

My favorite shot of Bev is definitely the last one 🙂

Colour: Nikon F5, 50mm f1.8 and 35mm f2, Fuji 400H Film, Noritsu Scanner.

Black And White: Rolleiflex 2.8 E, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.

Double Self

At the Fever Hospital assisting… Had to step out while Jolene was being wrapped in clingfilm 🙂

Two mirrors… Don’t mind if I do

Rolleiflex 2.8 E, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.


A couple of shots of the road going into the Fever Hospital… Spooky

Olympus XA3, Ilford HP5+ 400 (Pushed to 1600) ISO Film, CanoScan 9000F Scanner.

Return To The Abandoned Fever Hospital

These shots are from the second trip to the abandoned Fever hospital (The images from the first trip are HERE)

The light was much more subdued this time and being able to shoot wide with the 50mm on 6×7 (28mm equivalent) was pretty cool.

Cant wait to go back after dark sometime and splash some light around 🙂

Mamiya RZ67, 50mm f4.5 and 180mm f4.5, Ilford HP5+ 400 ISO Film, CanoScan 9000F Scanner

Fever Hospital

The other week Fergus (Cunningvision) organised to be let into Wellingtons old Fever Hospital/Chest Hospital. There is talk that the SPCA is going to be taking it over and we thought it would be a good opportunity to document it before there were any changes made.

The place is supposed to be haunted and the night after we were there the Strange Occurrences Paranormal Investigation Group spent the night. I have to say that there was an eerie feeling to the place.

I have to say that this is one of the cooler places we have been to photograph and unfortunatley we both had prior arrangements so we couldn’t stay as late as we would have otherwise done.

Re-shoot will be done 🙂